Bowie Concert Poster

Bowie Concert Poster

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Printed on 250 gsm matt paper the poster is available in six sizes and three framed colour options, black, white and wood.

The frames we use are made from solid wood, sourced from a sustainable forest.

Even though “Fame” and “Golden Years” had been Top 10 hits the previous year, by 1976, Bowie’s life in America was spiralling out of control. Lost in a haze of addiction, Bowie and his then wife Angie headed back across the Atlantic to Europe and started living in Berlin.

Over the next three years Bowie entered what has come to be regarded as the most productive and inspired part of his career, recording the albums that are referred to now as the Berlin trilogy, Low, Heroes and Lodger.

In a later interview, Bowie said of that period in his life. "Life in L.A. had left me with an overwhelming sense of foreboding,” I had approached the brink of drug-induced calamity one too many times, and it was essential to take some kind of positive action. For many years Berlin had appealed to me as a sort of sanctuary-like situation. It was one of the few cities where I could move around in virtual anonymity. I was going broke; it was cheap to live. For some reason, Berliners just didn’t care. Well, not about an English rock singer, anyway.”

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