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daft punk poster

Da Funk Poster

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Originally released in 1995 on Glasgow's Soma, 'Da Funk' was largely ignored at the time.

It wasn't until the major label reissue two years later that it took of and catapulted the duo to the stratospheric success that followed.

The print references the Spike Jonze produced music video. Titled “Big City Nights.” the now-classic promo, features an anthropomorphized dog named Charlie who roams New York City with a boombox. Jonze took a fairly experimental approach and actually faded the song in and out (as well as EQing it) as if “Da Funk” was actually playing out of Charlie's ghetto blaster, instead of sound tracking the actual video.

It's the best thing both the group and Jonze have ever done and I love them both more than I can put into words.

Printed on heavyweight 250 gsm paper this Da Funk poster is available in three sizes and comes ready for framing.